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About TNR method

There are three main factors why homeless animals in large number appear on the streets of our cities:

For decades, the main way to “clean up” cities is the so-called “irretrievable trapping”. This term means killing (often perpetrated by poison curare drugs that cause long and painful death by suffocation) or life imprisonment of animals in municipal shelters which it would be more appropriate to call concentration camps. Clearly, this approach has proven to be ineffective, every year thousands of animals are victims of this slaughterer’s system, while there are no any quantity reduction of cats and dogs on the streets. No wonder, since the “irrevocable trapping” works only with the consequences of the problem and has no effect on the factors mentioned above.

Method TNR (Trap-neuter-return) or TTVAR (trap-test-vaccinate-alter-release) is a part of another system which allows to achieve results precisely by influencing the causes of the situation. Caught animals, those which are without an inclination to aggression, past sterilization and vaccination, are registered, marked with special clips on the ears and released back to the street. So people will know that an animal is healthy and does not pose a danger. There is a rule not to release aggressive animals, dogs caught on the territory of schools, hospitals and kindergartens, as well as those who for one reason or another are unable to survive on the street by themselves – they will have to wait for the owners “behind bars”. Only mortally sick and nonviable ones will be killed by the most humane way. According to WHO recommendations, in order to stop outbreaks of rabies in a certain area, the number of vaccinated stray dogs should be at least 70% of the population. Besides, with the correct implementation of TNR, we can expect a significant reduction in both the number of attacks of stray dogs and the total number of complaints about the aggression of stray dogs. For instance, the official statistics of the city of Tyumen show that increasing number of trapped and killed dogs caused 5-fold increase of aggressive behaviour of dogs towards people including attacks and bites. Mass extermination of stray dogs does not simply not reduce but also increases their aggression. Now  the authorities of Tyumen choose TNR and use it quite successfully. There is a number of other regions of Russia where the introduction of TNR method changed the situation with homeless animals qualitatively and allowed to approach the solution of the problem: St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and the Vologda region.

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