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Dear friends! The beginning of the year is the time for the reports. We regularly inform you about the news of the project but it is very important to see in general what steps were done to make dreams come true.

First of all, this year we managed to establish ourselves as: a non-profit organization, a legal entity, a public event. We worked to make the topic of humane treatment of animals to become one of the most talked about in our city. We used the largest public sites to promote the ideas of the project and to promote civilized ways to solve the problem of stray animals. In particular, our project was presented at the meetings of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Public Chamber of Rostov-on-Don, at the All-Russian Conference “ProZoo: Street”, pickets, round tables, flash mobs and rallies, we took part in the action “Russia in the Protection of Animals”, press conferences at the “ITAR-TASS” and “Don-Media” agencies, the All-Russian Civil Forum, etc.

We are very grateful to many respected media for their cooperation and support of the project. More than 30 interviews, notes, reports, videos allowed a huge number of people to learn about the “Dog Patrol”. Such mass media as “Don-TR”, “Don-24”, “RBC”, “Delovoy Rostov”,1RND.ru161.ru, “DonNews”, “Southern region-Info”, “City reporter”, etc.

It’s very important for us to make a project that affects the interests of all citizens. We filmed and published a video presentation on the Internet, created animated infographics explaining the principle of the TNR method, made a high-quality site, created communities in social networks, produced and distributed hundreds of leaflets and placed information stands in public places in our city. Today, thousands of people know about the project, we have supporters, and we are very happy with that fact and always try to listen critics and remarks.

Fundraising became the key focus of work at this stage of the life cycle of the project. Our ability to realize what was conceived and to realize the idea of a humane solving the problem of the number of stray animals depends on the number and structure of the resources involved in this project. The biggest problem was the search for a building and a territory where our Center for Mass Sterilization and Vaccination could be established. After long searches, fruitless negotiations with the authorities to provide a suitable premises, we were lucky to meet a well-known Rostov businesswoman T.I. Shishkina. Tatyana Ivanovna gave us a building and a territory near by the publishing house “Molot” on terms of a non-repayable long-term loan. Thanks to this, the project has a point on the map, and it became clear that our Center will be exist.


This September, our fundraising campaign for the reconstruction of the premises started on the platform «Planeta.ru». We have already collected 300 thousand rubles and the charity collection is continue. The account of the organization received 462 650.06 rubles, our card of Sberbank received 197,914.00 rubles. Some Rostov businessmen offered their assistance in the implementation of the project with a total amount of about 1.5 million rubles. Thus, the total amount of charity collection is about2.5 million rubles.

The whole year we worked on the creation of the detailed concept of the future Center. Once a week and sometimes several times a week, in our office we discussed issues concerning the construction, an equipment, future regulation of activities, staffing and, of course, our budget. In order to imagine how difficult it was, it’s enough to say that we were forced to cut the estimate by almost 10 times to “fit” into the available budget and not postpone construction works for an indefinite period. Of course, this “cut” of expenses can not fail to affect the result: we can afford to build a shelter yet, the area for sterilized dogs will be reduced several times, we had to temporarily abandon the arrangement of walking areas on the territory of the center. All these restrictions will be removed as far as raising funds, but at the moment that is all we can do during the coming months. We believe that it’s a least-evil solution taken in a situation in which it’s literally “further delay is like death.” Already in February we start construction, we plan to build on the existing facility such premises  as ones for initial reception, inspection of animals, enclosures for several dozen dogs, a warehouse and, of course, an operating area. All this will allow us to sterilize 120-150 dogs monthly in the near future, and then increase the scale and reach the originally planned quantity of 7.5-8 thousand sterilizations a year.

Summing up the past year, we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who didn’t stay on the sidelines. It is your help and support that made possible to move from the idea to the time of the start of construction. In the coming year, we plan to create an infrastructure and to begin working on sterilizing animals in order to reach standards of a civilized and safe city.

Join us and support the project right now!


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You can transfer funds from your bank card to the card of Sberbank 4276 5214 4944 6446 titled in Ekaterina Gennadevna Kuzmenko name, sending funds write please: “Targeted donation to charity”


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